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Dr. Smitherman is currently in network with:

Regence BCBS

Motor vehicle accident insurance

Workers compensation

If you have any other insurance company, Dr. Smitherman will charge you a time of service cost for your visit, and you may submit the claim to your insurance for reimbursement if you like. Dr. Smitherman will not submit the claim for you, and Dr. Smitherman will not spend time assisting you with your insurance. Dr. Smitherman has went out of network with insurance as a way to save time, reduce stress, and offer better care to his patients.

Coverage depends on your deductible, co-insurance, copay, and the service provided. Dr. Smitherman is not responsible for your insurance coverage. Your insurance coverage is an agreement between you and your insurance company.

Office visits are necessary for some, but not all of the therapies offered by Dr. Smitherman. Depending on your insurance coverage, an office visit can be 100% covered, or not covered at all. Office visit costs are dependent on the amount of time Dr. Smitherman spends with you, if you are a new or existing patient, and the complexity of your case. As a general rule, if a conversation cannot be completed within a 2 minute phone call or 3-5 sentences by email, then it will require an office visit.

There is a time of service discount on office visits of 20% for patients paying their entire bill at the time of service.

  • 99212: $93.75
    • TOS: $75
    • Time: 15 minute time slot. Typically done during a procedure or a quick medication refill.
  • 99213: $156.25
    • TOS: $125
    • Time: 30 minute slot
  • 99214: $218.75
    • TOS: $175
    • Time: 45 minute slot
  • 99215: $281.25
    • TOS: $225
    • Time: 60 minute slot
  • 99202: $125
    • TOS: $100
    • Time: 15 minute time slot. Typically done during a procedure. Almost never a stand alone visit
  • 99203: $187.5
    • TOS $150
    • Time: 30 minute time slot
  • 99204: $250
    • TOS $200
    • Time: 45 minute time slow
  • 99205: $312.5
    • TOS: $250
    • Time: 60 minute time slot

Time: Please read more about time based billing HERE. In an effort to reduce time spent, and save money, Dr. Smitherman has experienced:

  • Excessive emails
  • Excessive phone calls
  • Rushing appointments,
  • Attempting to fit a very complicated case into a 15 minute time slot.

All of these methods give poor results. Please respect Dr. Smitherman’s time and professional services. Dr. Smitherman will only work with patients who are respectful and willing to make payment for Dr. Smitherman’s time and professional service.

Below are proper ways to save time on your appointment:

  1. Be prepared:
    • All previous labs
    • All previous imaging
    • Medication list
    • Supplements list
    • Past diagnosis list
    • Past treatment list
    • Symptom list
    • Questions for Dr. Smitherman ready
    • List of past providers
    • Know what local pharmacy you prefer
  2. Come with an openness and willingness to share
  3. Make sure that Dr. Smitherman sees patients with your condition, and that you are at the right practice for you. Please do this by reviewing the website.

Laboratory Analysis

Dr. Smitherman will often need to order lab testing or imaging for your condition. This may include x-ray, MRI, blood, urine, saliva, and/or hair analysis. Your insurance may cover these tests. This is dependent on your coverage, copay, coinsurance, and deductible.

If you utilize your insurance, and your testing is not covered, then the cost that will be passed onto you is often significantly more than through a self pay discount service. Dr. Smitherman has established self pay routes of obtaining laboratory analysis and imaging services that make the cost significantly cheaper for self pay patients.

Dr. Smitherman gets no compensation from ordering your laboratory analysis and imaging studies. Dr. Smitherman has no vested interest in if you use your insurance or self pay for these services. However, we have found over time that self pay makes the cost of these services transparent, reasonably prices, and enables a smoother obtainment of care for patients.

Regenerative Injection Therapies are done in a series of 1-6 treatment sessions over 1-12 months time.
Cost of injection does not include office visit. Office visit may be covered by insurance.
The cost below is per visit, unless otherwise stated
**** Time of service price. May be covered by insurance.
PRP covered by motor vehicle accident insurance
For non-time of service prices please contact our office
  • Trigger Point Injection: $150****
  • Nerve Blocks and Perineural Therapy: $150****
  • Corticosteroid Injection: $150 per area****
  • Ketorolac Injection: $150 per area****
  • Dextrose Prolotherapy and Ozone Injection:
    • Office visit + $150 base + $75 per joint/area
    • Spine: +$200 per area
    • Treatment Sessions: Typically 3-8 for a course of care.
    • Frequency: Every 4 weeks
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP/PRF)****
    • $450 base + $100 per area (Joint, Genitals, Hair, Face, bladder, colon)
    • Spine: + $500 per area
    • Areas per session limited by PRP volume. Up to 300cc of blood collection.
    • Typically 1-3+ sessions for a course of care.
    • Frequency: Every 6-12 weeks
    • Non TOS price +50%
  • Adipose Derived Cellular Therapy: $3500 – $10,000
  • Stellate Ganglion Block:
    • $600 + office visit
    • Optional Relaxation IV: $125
  • Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block: $100 (migraine IV add on $75)****
  • PRP Penile Injection: A series of 3 recommended. See PRP pricing.
  • PRP Vulva/Vaginal Injection: A series of 3 recommended. See PRP pricing.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

  • Monthly Fee:
    • Injections: $125
    • Creams: $150
    • Pellet: $175
  • Monthly fee covers:
    • Office Visits
    • Lab Testing
    • Supplies
    • Medication
      • Included:
        • Testosterone
        • Anastrozole
      • Prescription written but cost covered by patient
        • Sildenafil/Tadalafil
  • Hormone Pellet Implantation: $250 + 20/pellet + office visit.
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation Injection: $1,650 for series of 3 injections + office visit
  • Office Visit: See Office Visits Pricing
  • PRP & Ozone: $450
  • Supplies: $100
  • Physician Fee: $100
  • Total: $650 + office visit
  • 4 Treatment Series: $2,600 + office visits

Weight Loss Program


  • Office Visits
  • Prescription Medications
  • Lab Testing
  • Genetic Analysis (Dr. Sarah Zara)
  • Meal Planning (Dr. Sarah Zara)

Weight Loss Medication Options:

  • Phentermine/Topiramate
  • Naltrexone/Bupropion
  • Semaglutide
  • HCG
  • Lipo-C Injection (MIC+Carnitine)

Medication Office Visit: $100

Medication Refill consultation (15 minutes by phone or in person): $50

PRF Liquid Facelift, PRP Microneedling Facial, PRF Hair Regeneration Combination:

  • Single session: $550
  • Package of 3: $1,350
  • With addition of VIVE Exosome by Kimera:
    • Single Session: $1,200
    • Package of 3: $3,150 *must be paid up front, no refunds*

Liquid PRF Facelift Alone: $225

PRF Hair Regeneration Alone: $225

PRP Microneedling Facial Alone: $400

Natural PRF Lip Filler: $250

Fat Dissolving Mesotherapy Injections: $150 per area, per session

Cellulite Subcision: $300 per treatment area.

PDO Threads: 

  • Office Visit: $150
  • Smooth Mono: $50 per pack
  • Mint Fine: $320 per pack
  • Mint 17: $160 per pack
  • Mint Fix: $420 per pack
  • Mint Petit: $480 per pack

Omnia IPL Laser

  • $180 single session
  • $495 series of 3 sessions
  • $900 series of 6 sessions

Laser Hair Removal

  • $75 single treatment small-medium size area
  • $150+ per treatment in large area
  • $150 for 3 treatments of small area
  • $250 3 treatments for medium size area
  • Relaxation IV: $200
  • Energy Support IV: $200
  • Immune Support IV: $200
  • Vitamin C IV:
    • 50 grams: $250
    • 75 grams: $325,
    • 100 grams: $375;
    • must have labs prior
  • Ozone IV:
    • $270 per treatment
    • Package of 10: $2200
    • must have labs prior to treatment
  • Heavy Metal Chelation Therapy IV
    • Package of 10:
    • Package of 20: 
    • Package of 40: 
  • Glutathione:
    • $50 per gram alone
    • $25 per gram add on to other IV
  • NAD+ with cofactors Therapy:
    • 250mg: $300
    • 500mg: $400
    • 1000mg: $500
      • Package of 4: $1,600
      • Package of 10: $4,000
  • Iron IV:
    • 100mg: $250
    • 200mg: $400
    • requires office visit and labs
  • B12 Shot:
    • In office: $20 in office
    • Can be prescribed for at home injection. Requires office visit minimum every 6 months.
  • B-Complex Shot:
    • In office: $20 in office
    • Can be prescribed for at home injection. Requires office visit minimum every 6 months.
  • MIC Injection:
    • At home prescription only. Requires office visit minimum every 6 months.
  • Vitamin D Shot:
    • $20
    • No at home option available for injection.
  • Relax Cream (Magnesium/Melatonin/Taurine/Theanine):
    • At home prescription. Requires office visit every 6 months minimum. 

Dr. Smitherman has a linked supplement store at the bottom of this page. This store is open to anyone who would like access to quality, physician grade supplement brands. Dr. Smitherman’s patients have the additional benefit of steep discounts on supplements. If you are a patient of Dr. Smitherman’s be sure to request your profile with supplement discounts.

Procedures, or procedure series may be put on a 6-10 month payment plan with credit card autopay.

– Less than $250 due at time of service

– $251-$450 eligible for 6 month payment plan

– $451+ eligible for 10 month payment plan

This policy is at the discretion of Dr. Smitherman on a case by case basis.

Exosomes, and stem cell treatments must have consumables paid up front.

Medications paid through Dr. Smitherman must be paid up front.

Payment plan not applicable to IV therapies or office visits.