Insurance and Pricing

Most Insurance Accepted

Typically Covered Services

First Office Visit: $100 – $430

Trigger Point Injections: $150 – $200

Pharmaceutical Management: Included with office visit

Motor Vehicle Accidents are typically 100% covered under Oregon PIP or Washington car insurance carriers.

Non Covered Services

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Program: $120/Month

Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block with SphenoCath: $400

***12 Month Interest Free Payment Plans Available for all Regenerative Injection Therapies***


Cervical Spine $500

Thoracic Spine $500

Lumbar Spine: $500

Pelvis: $500

Hip: $300

Knee: $300

Ankle/Foot: $250

Shoulder: $300

Elbow: $250

Wrist/Hand: $250

Pelvic Floor: $450

TMJ: $200

Heel: $150

Pubis: $200

Sternoclavicular/Sternocostal: $250

Ischial Tuberosity: $200

Single Digit: $150

Nerve Modulation Injection: $175

Note: All procedures in addition to the first on the same day are half price.

Platelet Rich Plasma and Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRP/PRF)

In addition to prolotherapy cost for orthopedic use: $300

Aesthetics and Sexual Health

Vaginal Optimization Injection (PRP/PRF): $600

Penile Optimization Injection (PRP/PRF): $600

Platelet Rich Fibrin Facelift: $500

Birth Tissue Derived Allografts

Amnio2 Amniotic Fluid Exosomes: Price varies

XoGloTM Placental Exosome: Price varies

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