Are you ready to get rid of your
headaches and migraines?

With our treatments, they can show themselves out.

Stabbing pain. Intense pressure. Feeling like you cannot function. We’ve wiped away these headache and migraine symptoms for many patients. Would you like to be next?

A prescription pain medication that relieves your headache and migraine pain temporarily is adequate. However …

Did you know that there are ways to minimize or eliminate your symptoms for months at a time? It’s true. Traditional medicine and prescriptions only go so far. They often overlook natural treatments that have longer-lasting, more effective results. Would you like to know more?

There is often an intertwined mixture of reasons why you might be suffering from chronic headache or migraine pain. A complicated diagnosis requires a knowledgeable, thorough medical professional.

A doctor who only has 15 minutes to spend with you before moving on to the next patient may not have the time it takes to uncover what is causing your suffering. Often, a quick diagnosis means a shallow, ineffective solution.

Dr. Smitherman’s background as a Naturopathic and Chiropractic physician gives him a unique position and expertise to help patients like you with headaches and migraines. He considers all of your background factors and blends conventional and natural therapies for the best results for you.

Here are some treatment methods we offer:

Prescription Medication Management