Migraine and Headache Treatment with Regenerative Injection Therapy

Migraine and Headache Treatment with Regenerative Injection Therapy

Regenerative injection therapy is the wave of the future. It is the medicine of the future that is available now. Regenerative injections include prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma, platelet rich fibrin, ozone, stem cells, and stem cell allograft products like exosomes. The idea behind regenerative injection therapy is to create a controlled injury to a degenerative tissue that isn’t healing in order to initiate a healing response in that tissue. The goal is to improve pain, improve function, and heal the tissue with the body’s natural healing ability!

In some people a part or all of their migraine headaches can stem from arthritic joints, and degenerated spinal ligaments in the neck. Including the joints and ligaments where the head and neck are connected. The goal of regenerative injections like prolotherapy is to bring healing to these damaged structures, and solve the root cause of the migraine headache.

Who can benefit from regenerative injection therapy for migraines and headaches?

  • Someone who has had a whiplash or whiplash like injury
  • Someone who constantly feel the need to crack their neck
  • Someone who have not gotten good results from chiropractic, physical therapy or medications
  • Someone with constant muscle spasms in the neck

What does the research say?

Dr. Ross Hauser, and Heather McCullough authored an article on the treatment of recurring headache and migraine pain with prolotherapy. In the study all patients rated their pain as at least 8 out of 10 prior to the initiation of treatment. Each participant received 15% dextrose, 0.2% lidocaine solution prolotherapy injections to the cervical spine. At the end of the study 100% of the patients improved significantly with 47% of the participants rating their pain as 1 out of 10. There was a significant reduction in medication use, light sensitivity, and headache migraine frequency, 

How do I find a good prolotherapist or regenerative injection expert?

This is a very important question. A proper regenerative injection technique is very important. You want to go to someone who is going to be able to give you a thorough exam, determine the source of your pain, and inject you into that pain generator. You also want to see someone who is going to give a comprehensive series of injections to your ligaments, tendons, and joints. 

Can I do regenerative injections in combination with my other treatments?

Regenerative injections cannot be given with anti-inflammatory medications like corticosteroids, or NSAIDS. If you are on these medications then you will need to speak to your doctor about finding an alternative for a period of time in order to receive regenerative injections. There are many alternative options available.

Does insurance cover regenerative injections?

There is no insurance that Dr. Smitherman knows which cover regenerative injections for migraines or headaches. Dr. Smitherman has his prices listed on this website.

How many treatments will I need?

Most people need between 3 and 5 prolotherapy or PRF treatments to obtain a good result. However, some people will require more and some will require less. For exosome injections, most people will not need more than two treatments.

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