Testosterone Optimization

Do You Have 

Reduced Sex Drive

Erectile Dysfunction

Slow Recovery

Loss of muscle mass

Weight Gain


Low Mood

Do You Want

Faster Recovery

More Muscle Mass

Leaner Waist

More Sex Drive

More Energy

Improved Mood

What Does The Testosterone Optimization Program Include

Testosterone: The hormone that is primarily responsible for male characteristics. This hormone declines with age. Many men find that they feel better when they supplement their testosterone levels.

Anastrozole: Helps prevent testosterone from being converted to estrogen. Dr. Smitherman includes this directly into the testosterone. This may or may not be a part of your program depending on your specific needs.

Enclomiphene: Helps to maintain the bodies natural production of testosterone, and maintain fertility while on the program. This may or may not be part of your program depending on your specific needs.

Laboratory Testing is required to be in the Testosterone Optimization Program at a separate cost.

Program Cost: $120/month

How Do I Get Started

Getting started is an easy process. Simply follow these steps

  1. Contact Dr. Smitherman
  2. Fill out intake forms
  3. Get lab testing
  4. Set up auto pay
  5. All needed materials are mailed directly to your home

All pharmaceuticals come from FDA compliant pharmacies in the United States. Prescriptions are mailed directly to your home.

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